Missing You

The series deals with memory, body memory and spatial memory. Reflecting on the elements of the Yin and Yang, to miss someone posits the existence of a person who is no longer within the same physical space or sharing the same spatial/temporal relationship with the person who is missing him/her/it. This situation of ‘missing’ would exist as long as the presence-absence dialectic is present and I hope to explore/recall this dimension that exist beyond the photographic space.

I ask the participants to:
– tell me who she misses, can be someone who is dead/alive,
– bring something that represents that person/thing
– do the same gestures/actions they would do if the person is with them OR her usual pose when she think about this person
– write their thoughts that go thru their mind when they think of this person on the transparent boxes
– to do that gesture/action as if they are in their usual space/environment, through their own recollection/memory of that space(spatial memory)
By repeating their usual and familiar gestures/poses, the body memory triggers the mind to remember, recollect, reminiscence the memory of a loved one, and to revisualize the spatial context where the memory is formed. Some participants became quite emotional during the process.